Euro Business

Working with European suppliers? Losing customers due to problems with international transfers? Open a Euro account,
and make transactions quickly, easily, and without additional commissions. Account options allow you to convert funds
into your local currency with the best exchange rate or keep your savings in Euros.

Euro Business Account
How to operate with Euro Business Account

How to operate with Euro Business Account

  • 1. Get a Euro account

    Its number is all you need to make transfers to 28 countries that use euros. Send and receive money simply by specifying account details. You won't have trouble with confusing account data anymore.

  • 2. Integrate with existing platforms

    By opening a Euro business account in the UK, you can receive money from customers on the world's leading marketplaces and other resources. For example, you can expand your business to the European marketplace Amazon. Its users will appreciate the possibility of convenient payment for goods in the currency they are used to.

  • 3. Send money around the world without hassle

    Transfer money to suppliers accepting payment in euros without currency conversion fees and delays. With Transferra, you can send money in one click and thus strengthen relationships with business partners.

  • 4. Withdraw money in your local currency

    Quickly convert euros into pounds at the current exchange rate and cash out as soon as needed. Since your Euro account in the UK is available even on weekends, you can monitor rate fluctuations and make the most profitable exchange.

Why is it profitable to open a Euro account?

Why Transferra
  • No additional fees and commissions

    You can make international payments with Transferra without commission for crediting, sending payments, and storing currency.

  • Availability of your Euro business account in the UK

    You can convert euros to pounds by tracking the most favourable exchange rate in advance. You can also log in to your account from anywhere in the world.

  • Safety of finances

    UK Euro account is a unique International Account Number (IBAN). This guarantees FSCS protection, i.e., compensation of savings up to £85k in case of financial institution bankruptcy.

  • Easy to open and activate

    You can open a Euro account in the UK online on the Transferra website without visiting a branch. Immediately after opening, the account will be active, and you can make payments and receive money.

How to Open International Account

Opening Euro account:
three steps to success

Leave behind tiring visits to the branch with filling out paper documents and queues to specialists. With Transferra, you can open a euro account online. It's as easy as counting to three:

  • 01

    Register an account on Transferra

    To do this, think of a username and a secure password, and enter your phone number to receive a verification code. After that, choose the type of account you want to register: business or personal.

  • 02

    Open the account you need

    You must upload scanned copies of documents to the system at this stage. The requirements will differ depending on the type of account you have chosen. Also, provide your full name or company details.

  • 03

    Wait until your data is fully verified

    The process may take up to several days. However, you can operate with an account in full immediately after you open it: send and receive money or store your savings.


Transferra FAQ
  • How do I open a foreign currency account?

    To open a foreign currency account, go to Transferra, create an account, provide the required data and scanned copies of documents, and wait for verification. Immediately after completing the process, you will be able to use your account: transfer money, receive payments or store your savings.

  • What are the benefits of opening a foreign currency account?

    The main advantages of opening euro accounts in the UK are the possibility to do it online, round-the-clock access to your finances, minimal commissions, and the convenience of working with partners and clients worldwide.

  • What are the risks of a foreign currency account?

    One of the risks that always exists when working with any currency is an unfavorable change in the exchange rate.

Transferra offers to open a Euro business account to help you work with your foreign partners and customers better and easier

Receive payments, send money, and store currency – all with a single financial tool.

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