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Sending money by SWIFT with Transferra: fast, reliable and very easy

Send SWIFT payments online without risks. With a Transferra account, you get maximum opportunities, modern financial protection, and total control over every transaction. Thanks to the platform's features, you can:

  • Track the transfer of money

    Payments are made using IBAN, so you get up-to-date information about the status and when the recipient receives the money. Similarly, when waiting for funds, you can see the transaction status.

  • Speed up international payments

    Financial institutions take too long to process applications for sending funds abroad. The platform can significantly speed up the process and reduce the transaction time to a few days.

  • Send money safely

    The system uses modern data encoding algorithms. Therefore, information about financial transactions is encrypted and available for viewing only to those accounts that are directly related to them.

  • Make a payment conveniently

    You do not need to register with other portals or payment systems. With Transferra, you can make or receive payments directly on the platform and to the cards linked to it.

  • Automate SWIFT payments

    If you send money frequently, e.g., to family or friends, you can create an automatic transaction. This also applies to payments for services, etc.

  • Set up a systematic SWIFT pay

    If you use the system, for example, for business, you can prepare payment templates in advance for partners or suppliers of goods, services, etc. This will help you save time and speed up transactions.

Use the benefits of SWIFT to transfer money with
Transferra and get the best out of it.

The best aspects of SWIFT transfers via Transferra: the perfect digital experience

Do you want to use the SWIFT send feature quickly and conveniently anytime, anywhere?
It is possible with the Transferra platform. With just one account, you can easily send
or receive funds via desktop and mobile devices with any OS.

Reliable protection

All financial transactions are securely protected by two-factor authentication
and they can be seen only by the sender and recipient. Thanks to data standardisation, payment
processing by financial institutions is much faster than with simple payment systems.

Create and activate a SEPA payment account

Create and launch SWIFT payments via Transferra

All you need to get started is a single account and the recipient's details (or yours to pass on to the sender). It takes no more than 5 minutes from authorisation to execution of the transfer and includes 5 steps:

  • 01

    You need to go to the portal, enter your full name, e-mail, and phone number, and then select the type of identity verification.

  • 02

    Accounts are manually moderated on the portal. Therefore, you must provide additional information specified in the letter.

  • 03

    Since the platform works with different payment systems, you must choose which to use to make a transaction. This affects the commission, support of financial institutions, etc.

  • 04

    You only need to add their ID if the target person is registered with Transferra. Otherwise, enter their IBAN, full name, BIC, phone number, etc. Also, specify the transaction amount in euros.

  • 05

    Carefully check the information you entered and ensure you have enough money to transfer.

Conducting financial transactions with Transferra is convenient and easy. Create an account and make safe and fast digital payments!


Transferra FAQ
  • How do I send money with SWIFT?

    All you need is a Transferra account and a linked payment card from or to which the transaction will be made. To start, enter the recipient's details, confirm the payment, and wait for the transaction to be completed.

  • Does SWIFT actually transfer money?

    The system exchanges payment transactions between financial institutions in a standardised format. That is, they perform the transactions using SWIFT payment data.

  • Is SWIFT safe to send money?

    The system does not conduct direct financial transactions with your cards but only standardises and routes payment information. Therefore, it has no direct impact on the card balance and the systems of financial institutions process transactions.

  • Can a SWIFT transfer be tracked?

    Yes, of course. Thanks to IBAN and internal SWIFT tools, you receive up-to-date information on the flow of funds between the source and target cards.

  • Who uses SWIFT transfer?

    There are virtually no restrictions on the use of the system. Ordinary users and representatives of businesses, financial institutions, etc., use it.

Get a convenient way to conduct financial
transactions with your Transferra account!

Fast and convenient SWIFT payments are available to everyone with an account at Transferra!
When you sign up, you get many benefits, including a universal ID, support for various payment cards, etc.
Use them to minimise the risks of making money transfers and speed up your transactions.

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